Promo video for the New Boundaries event taking place on the 5th of April 2012 at Fábrica ASA in Guimarães. The event was part of the celebrations of Guimarães as European Cultural Capital in 2012.

Concept & Art Direction by Jorge Naper, Gonçalo Silva, David Pires & Francisco Eduardo
Directing & Photography by Jorge Naper & Gonçalo Silva
Titles by David Pires
Production by Ricardo Marques & Henrique Feller
Lead Actor: Tomás Luz Ferreira
Secondary Cast: Gustavo Pereira, Patrícia Amaro, Gabriel Loureiro, Tânia Diospirro, Luísa Quintela, Ricardo Marques & Henrique Feller
Agency: Fnyhow
Music: "Higher State of Consciousness" by Josh Wink
Thanks to Luisa Quintela, Tânia Diospirro, Patrícia Amaro, Gabriel Loureiro & Gustavo Pereira

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