Heineken Made-Out Green Energy
Video developed to promote Heineken Made-Out Green Party.

Directed by Francisco Cruz, Gonçalo Silva and Jorge Naper.
Produced by Henrique Feller, Sara Falcão, David Pires.
Concept by Gonçalo Silva and Jorge Naper.
Photography by Francisco Cruz, Gonçalo Silva and Jorge Naper.
Actors: Natacha Collas, Tomás Luz Ferreira, Francisco Luz Ferreira, Ricardo Correia, Jorge Naper, Francisco Cruz, Pedro Bate Bonito, Vanessa Martins, Joana Campos, Bernardo Coelho, Henrique Feller, Gonçalo Silva, Hugo Breda, Sara Falcão, Crazy white horse, André Granada, Miguel Domingues.
Real Modeling by Francisco Cruz.
Sculpture light tap by Gabriel Loureiro.
Post Production by Francisco Cruz, Gonçalo Silva, and Jorge Naper.
Sound department by Jorge Naper.
Music  "We plants are happy plants" by Apollo
Light department by Sun himself.
Agency: FNYHoW.

No apples were harmed during the shooting.

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